Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

What an entertaining and fabulous spring show from Decadance!

For over two hours, Deca showcased eighteen exciting choreographies each with its own unique blend of dance fusion — going from squaring dancing to redowa in “Feel Good Inc”, mixing bhangra with schottische in “Maahi Ve”, swing dance in “Paris Waltz”, and dramatic and humorous theatrical plays in “One Step to Save the World”.

Guest appearance by Un-Scripted had the audience laughing with improvs such as sing-a-long Jurassic Park Opera and 7-minute Shakespeare play about the old man on a boat searching for a really big fish.

It was a most entertaining night that ended with one of my favorite Deca choreographies, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, choreographed by David Chen with music by Wham! and photographed here.