Chocolate Heads Meets Beatflippers

“Let us heal you”

Energizing, engaging, and empowering barely describe tonight’s dance concert by the Chocolate Heads and the Beatflippers — what an amazing show pushing the boundary of what you can bring together in dance, in movements, in costumes, in design, and in music.

(More to come…)

The Beatflippers

Director: Geoff “GG” Gallegos
On the Sax: Nicole Skau, Jay-Marie Hill, Tianay Pulphus, Adrien Wagner, GG; On the Fovv: John Inacay, Jasmine Dehghan, Anna Bethune, Yang Hong; On the Rhythm: Adrew Hung, Max Friedmann, David Kettler, Kwami Coleman; Bringin’ the Voice (right): Shantelle Williams

The Chocolate Heads

Director: Aleta Hayes
Dancers: Akwasi Papa Abrefah, Vaeme Afopka, April Chavez, Erin Falker, Mio Frisk, Madeleine Hawes, Rachel Hovde, Lilliane Hsu, Leimomi Kanagusuku, Victoria Kennedy, Kimberley McKinson, Cuauhtemoc Peranda, Kevin Roberts, Dasha Savage, Danielle Spoor, Deanna Tan

Set Designers: Lilliane Hsu,
Maria Susana Camino Martinez
Costume Designer: Lani Twyche
Lighting Designer: Olivia Grubert
Makeup Designer: April Chavez
Graphic Designer: Cameron Henry

(All photos from March 12 performance
except bottom 2 photos in left column and
bottommost photo in right column
which are from March 11 rehearsal)