Viennese Ball

I attended my first Viennese Ball with Christina (who flew down from Seattle and helped photograph the Danse Libre performance).

The Ball opened with the entrance of the honored guests (e.g. Tracey and Angela who mazurka’ed down the aisle in the splash photo above) and a grand performance of waltzes and polkas by the Opening Committee.

Inbetween photographing the opening ceremony, picking up Christina from the airport, and my own Danse Libre performance, it was already past 11pm before I had my first dance. The rest of the night was filled with fun swing dancing to music by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra and some creative waltzes.

More photos of the Opening Committee »
      … of Danse Libre performance by Christina Chan »
            … of Swingtime, Salseros, SBDT, and Danse Libre by Brian Lee »

Photographs of Christina and me (top row) by Matt Rollefson.
First four photographs of Danse Libre (2nd and 3rd rows from bottom) by Christina Chan.
Final photograph of Danse Libre (bottom row) by Brian Lee.