An Art Affair Festival (Friday)

Three days of festival around the White Plaza organized by Stanford Student Organizing Committee for the Arts (SOCA). Below is a selection of the performances on the main stage on Friday.

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Cardinal Ballet

Amazing voice from RĂ© Phillips, Gianna Masi, and Alex Nourishad who performed “A Step Too Far” from the upcoming musical AIDA by Ram’s Head Theatrical Society

Music by Alex Greenberg and Ben Burdick

Beautiful Polynesian dance by Kaorihiva

Sensual performance by Arabesque

Filipino folk dance by Kayumanggi

Flamenco Cardenal


The evening ends with Bloodsong, an one-act play by Ram’s Head… centered on six women prisoners sentenced to execution, their stories of love, and what they did for love. It’s a touching story… yet, the intertwined forces of genocide, war, and love make you unable to decide/understand what is truly right. Noticing Love Blog has a more detailed review of the play.