Ballet Folklórico de Stanford

I went to the Ballet Folkórico Spring Concert (their twenty-fifth annual show!), and was again completely amazed by the group: by the incredible amount of energies the dancers had for two-and-half hours of performance, by the the stunning sets of costumes, and even more so by the connections between the dancers and the audience. An entire community came out and cheered on the dancers non-stop. The spring show didn’t just take place on stage; it was happening all around you in the entire Dinkelspiel Auditorium.

More photos of the show in this gallery »

Baja California
An energetic and competitive
dance from the northern-
most state

“Pávido Návido”
“El Patito”
“María Chuchena”

Mariachi Cardenal
Guest performance by Mariachi Cardenal de Stanford, recently returned from their international tour

Fun and flirty dance from Acapulco
blending Native American
precision footwork with
influences from
West Africa and
western Europe

“El Zopilote”
“La Iguana”

Stanford ECHALE

Lovely performances from
the girls of Stanford ECHALE
dance program

Fast & elaborate footwork
with elegant & proud posture
to Spanish music influenced by
African and Caribbean rhythms

“El Canelo”

Flirtatious dances
with colorful costumes
and African-Antilles influence
to the joyful and loud banda music

“Pero Acuérdate”
“El Sinaloense”
“Son de los Aguacates”

Flirtatious polkas with heavy
German, Polish, and
Irish influence

“Mi Norteñita”
“Aguas del Río Nonoava”
“Jesusita en Chihuahua”

Resembling flirting birds,
dancers show their love of nature
and celebrate their Mayan heritage

Guest performance by
Los Mejicas de UC Santa Cruz

Stanford ECHALE
A second energetic performance
by the ECHALE girls brought
the audience cheering
on its feet

With women in bright
colorfully-beribboned dresses
and men in charro suits, dances
of Jalisco represent playful courtships

“Son de la Negra”
“El Jarabe Tapatío”