Decadance Spring Show (Part II)

Dances from the Decadance and Un-Scripted Spring Show at Mountain View Center for Performing Arts on June 13, 2009.

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      … Feel Good Inc.
            … OK Goes
                  … When I Grow Up
                        … Bathwater
                              … Kissed A Girl
                                    … Swing Side Story
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Feel Good Inc.
Music by Gorillaz, Choreography by Neal Kanodia and Becca Thal
Includes one photo (bottom row, left) from technical rehearsal on June 13, 2009

OK Goes
Music by OK Go, Choreography by Neal Kanodia

When I Grow Up
Music by Pussycat Dolls, Choreography by Steve Vasco
Guest performance by Krysta Walsh and TJ Delgado

Music by No Doubt, Choreography by Jed Burgess
Includes one photo (bottom left) from technical rehearsal

Kissed a Girl
Music by Katy Perry, Choreography by Deb Henigson, Merry Yen, Becky Niel

Swing Side Story
Music by various artists mixed by Ben Levitt, Choreography by Karen Gee Atwood
Includes two photos (bottom row, left and right) from technical rehearsal

Intermission for the audience while the crew cleans up the stage
after a tragic end to Swing Side Story.