Social Dances of North America I

‘Tis where it all began!

Social Dance I is where so many of us first learnt social dancing… became hooked on dancing… and stayed in the SF Bay Area after graduation just so we can dance some more!

Photographing Richard Powers’ Social Dance classes reminded me of the joy of learning to dance — the smiles on every boy’s and girl’s faces as they together interpret the music, the surprises and chance encounters on the dance floor, and the realization of “Wow! That worked great! It’s the best pivot, polka, waltz, spin, turn, etc. that I’ve had!

Is it any wonder, seven classes and five years later, I — like so many students and alums — still eagerly return to Roble Studio for Jammix, Big Dance, Stanford Waltz Week, and every other dance event inbetween?

Splash photo (above): Richard teaching DANCE 46 (Social Dance I) with Mirage Marrou
All photos from DANCE 46, except 3rd photo in left column which is from DANCE 146 (Social Dance II)