Rhapsody Fantaisie

Stanfordites were treated to a phenomenal performance by Morphoses/The Wheeldon Company tonight. Covering the event for Stanford Lively Arts was a most enjoyable experience. After all, dancing and photography are only my two favorite hobbies. :)

Photographed here is Rhapsody Fantaisie, the fourth choreography of the night blending together music, dance, lights, and romanticism.

“Rhapsody Fantaisie”
Choreography: Christopher Wheeldon
Music: Sergei Rachmaninoff performed by Julie Steinberg and Betty Woo

Dancers: Drew Jacoby, Alison Roper, Danielle Rowe, Olga Pavolva, Rachel Sherak, Laura Feig, Dallas Blagg, Rory Hohenstein, Andrew Crawford, Rubinald Pronk, Lucas Segovia, Juan Pablo Ledo

Costumes: Francisco Costa constructed by Benjamin Briones
Lighting: Mary Louise Geiger; Set Design: Hugo Dalton