An Afternoon of Dance

The San Fransisco Ballet Trainees performed at Roble Studio in “An Afternoon of Dance” as part of the collaboration between SF Ballet and Stanford Dance Division.

It was a rare experience to watch such talented dancers up close, hear their stories, see their personalities, and learn about their training: their favorite food, rigorous & packed schedules, dancing to, and choreographing pieces based on music from friends.

Splash photo: Nicole Ciapponi and James Wynn in
“Spring Concerto”, choreography by Dylan Ward
Left: Eva Burton and Raymond Tilton in “Down”,
choreography by James Wynn
Below: Rebekah Hostetter and Evan Hewer in “Down”

Above: Bryn Gilbert in solo performance
Right: Koto Ishihara in “Don Quixote”,
choreography by Marius Petipa

Jordan Hammond and Evan Hewer in “7 for Eight”, choreography by Helgi Tomasson

James Wynn (left), Koto Ishihara and James Wynn (middle), and
Nicole Ciapponi and Raymond Tilton (right) in “Fractals”, choreography by Parrish Maynard