Danse Libre at Big Dance

The Academy of Danse Libre presents Argentine-style Tango and Shag from the 1930s at the 2010 Big Dance.

Come to our Biennial Show!

Experience 100 years of lively vintage social dancing…
      … from Waltz, Galop, Mazur, Polonaise of the Victorian Era
        … to Lindy, Foxtrot, and Shag through the 1930s

Come to our biennial show: M is for Mazurka!

It’s a dancing-whodunnit, murder mystery that you don’t want to miss!

M for Mazurka is on Friday June 4 and Saturday June 5, 8pm at Cubberley Theatre in Mountain View. Tickets are now on sales from me or any member of the Danse Libre. You may also purchase the tickets online.

Splash Photo: Julie Tsai and Edoardo Maragliano in Tango del Amanecer, choreographed by Elizabeth McGee. Above: Edoardo Maragliano and Lily Kao (left), Matt Rollefson and Jacqueline Pham (middle), Helen Lu and Jeremy Sugerman (right) in Mr Ghost’s Sweet Shag, choreographed by Christina Chan and Jeffrey Lee, with Monica Shen Knotts.