The Zoo and Revue

What a lovely afternoon with the Stanford Savoyards!

We were treated to two hours of comic opera — The Zoo about Aesculapius Carboy and his unrealizable affection for Laetitia — and highlights of songs (and impressive costumes) from seven of Gilbert and Sullivan’s work with an invitation to sing along!

The Stanford Savoyard’s Zoo and Revue is produced by Lisa Lowe and directed by Jack Kastrop and Graham Roth… featuring David Havens as Master of Ceremonies; Christopher Wecks as Aesculapius Carboy, Rebecca Sacks as Eliza, Alan Lee as Thomas Brown, Arunima Kohli as Laetitia, and David Millsom as Mr. Grinder in The Zoo; Eric Lowe, Mark Rubin, Kacey Marton, Laurie Sheflin, Michele Choe, Kelly Eshoff, Kacey Marton, Marisa Lenhardt, David Millsom, Jeremy Erman, Ravi Soundararajan, Dan Wright, Ken Kansky, Danny Neumann, Tomer Perry, Marion Robertson, and Michael Cuddy in The Revue; Sharon Beltracchi, Michele Choe, Jeremy Erman, John Graham, Marisa Lenhardt, Eric Lowe, Kacey Marton, David Millsom, Danny Neumann, Ellie Robertson, Marion Robertson, Ravi Soundararajan, Laurie, Sheflin, Sarah Weaver, and Dan Wright in the Chorus.

Splash Photo: “And Now Let’s Go Back To Where We Were” from The Zoo
Below: The cast and the orchestra of The Zoo and Revue

Pirate King and Pirate Queen in “Oh, Better Far To Live And Die” from The Pirates of Penzance

The British public in the finale of The Zoo

Clockwise from top-left: “For Merriest Fellows Are We” from The Gondoliers, “Here’s A How-De-Do!” from The Mikado, “I Am The Very Model Of a Modern Major-General” from The Pirates of Penzance, “Three Little Maids From School” from The Mikado, “Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray” from Iolanthe, “He Is An Englishman” from H.M.S. Pinafore, “Come, Bumpers, Aye, Ever So Many” from The Grand Duke, “My Eyes Are Fully Open” from Ruddigore, “My Father” from The Zoo