What a Love Story!

Merry’s choreography Love Story is fusion dance with …
      … Polka dancing
            … Chinese ribbon dance
                  … to the tune Love Story
                        … by country music artist Taylor Swift

If the high-flying aerials, dashing red ribbons, and zooming polkas haven’t razzle dazzled you yet… how about this?

                            … plus, a real-life love story!

Congratulations, Merry and Ben!

Merry first mentioned about her planning a Chinese ribbon fusion dance last year. For a multitude of reasons, I have missed every performance of Love Story till today, at the Decadance Spring Fling. What a way to finally catch a glimpse at this amazing choreography than seeing the real love story: Ben taking the mic, dropping down on his knee, and proposing to Merry (to Love Story playing in the background and red ribbons flying all round, of course!).

Love Story is choreographed by Merry Yen with special thanks to Eric Liu, Deb Henigson, and Anna Botelho. Photos: Merry Yen (top & right) and Christopher Li (below) in “Love Story”; Ben and Merry (bottom) in the real-life Love Story