M is for Mazurka: Victorian Era

Danse Libre’s Big Show starts this Friday!

We are excited to present 100 years of dancing, from the Victorian Era to the Ragtime to the 1930s. Come see the strong and proud dance of Mazur, the stately and graceful dance of Polonaise, the romantic Waltz, the energetic Galop, and the playful parlor games and cotillions popular with young ladies and men of the Victorian Era.

The big show only happens every 2-3 years. Don’t miss it!
Special thanks to Christine Tsai for tonight’s photos.

All photographs are from the June 2nd Dress Rehearsal and taken by Christine Tsai; Splash Photo: Julie Tsai and Jeremy Sugerman in “Alle Tanzen!” (choreography by Lily Kao); Photos, cross then down: Jason Anderson and Kimber Rudo in Victorian parlor games in “The German” (choreography by Lily Kao and Mike Lin); Craig Chen surrounded by young ladies in Victorian parlor games in “The German”; Kimber Rudo and Craig Chen in “Russian Mazurka Quadrille” (choreography by Richard Powers); Jason Chuang and Valerie Baadh in the waltz cotillion “Ein Kleiner, Hübscher Vogel” (choreography by Richard Powers)