M is for Mazurka: Ragtime

“M is for Mazurka” premiers in 24 hours! See you soon!

In 1912, a cultural phenomena by the name of Vernon and Irene Castle brought to the United States and Europe: new fashion, new style, and new dance. The Academy of Danse Libre is excited to bring alive the elegant and graceful waltzes of the Castles and other favorites dances of the Ragtime dance craze.

The night is also a dancing whodunnit murder-mystery! *gasp*
Find out with us who is really behind the mysterious death of business tycoon Bartholomew Buchanan!

Left: Julie Tsai and Jeff Kellem, Lily Kao and John Beale in “Cecile Hesitation Waltz”; Below: Michael Carey as Inspector Kelly, Frederik Goris as Calvin Buchanan, and Kari Doyle as Irene Stanford.

Splash Photo: “Cecile Hesitation Waltz”,
choreography by Richard Powers;
All photographs from the June
1st Technical Rehearsal