M is for Mazurka: 1930s

Second and final show of “M is for Mazurka” is Saturday!

Come see 100 years of dancing, from the Victorian Era to the Ragtime to the 1930s. With the influence of swing from African Americans, tango from Argentina, and continued popularity of the waltz, the 1930s saw an plethora of dance forms. Come and experience the hesitation waltz, foxtrot, tango, shag, and more with us — featuring guest performance by Swing Cats Rhythm Revue.

Splash Photo: Kimber Rudo and Edoardo
Maragliano in “Mr. Ghost’s Sweet Shag”;
Below: Laura Nowell and Jacqueline Pham,
Julie Tsai and Edoardo Maragliano in “Tango del Amanecer”

Photos from the June 1st Technical Rehearsal; “Mr. Ghost’s Sweet Shag” is choreographed by Christina Chan and Jeffrey Lee with Monica Shen Knotts; “Tango del Amanecer” is choreographed by Elizabeth McGee.