Ragtime Dances by Danse Libre

Tonight’s Stanford Historical Dance Week concert ended with more exciting performances by the Academy of Danse Libre. With the infusion of African-American music and dances, the introduction of the tango, and the elegance and style of Vernon and Irene Castles, 1910s set the stage for the largest dance craze in history. Re-live the Ragtime dance craze with us through the Maxixe, the Castle Waltz, the Tango, and a high-energy One-Step.

This was our last performance of the season. If you want to see more of Danse Libre (or want to dance with us!), become a fan of Danse Libre on facebook to receive up-to-date information about our upcoming performances or auditions in late September!

Photos on the Left: Matt Rollefson and Jacqueline Pham dancing the maxixe, sometimes referred to as the Brazilian Tango, in “Maxixe” (top); Kimber Rudo and Craig Chen waltzing elegantly in “Castle Waltz” (middle); Laura Nowell and Craig Chen in “One Step Caper” (bottom)

Splash Photo: Julie Tsai and Matt Rollefson with Charleston kicks in “One Step Caper”; Photos on the Right: John Beale and Kimber Rudo in “Tango del Amanecer” (top); Julie Tsai and Matt Rollefson in “One Step Caper” (bottom).

“Maxixe” is choreographed by Richard Powers; “Castle Waltz” is choreographed by Jason Anderson and Jacqueline Pham; “Tango del Amanecer” is choreographed by Elizabeth McGee; “One Step Caper” is choreographed by Ryan and Monica Shen Knotts