Jason Chuang
Dance Photography at Stanford University
Welcome! This was my photo journal from 2008 to 2010, during my early years as a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Stanford University. I took down the site in 2012 and restored it in 2015.
I have a new blog (to come soon!) about the latest chapters of my adventures in New York City.
For my research in human-computer interaction, machine learning, natural language processing, and visual analytics, see my research homepage.
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I learnt vintage dance from Richard Powers and was a member of the Academy of Danse Libre and Decadance. I was a dance photographer for the Stanford Dance Division, Stanford News, and Stanford Lively Arts. I photographed for five dance faculty members at Stanford University and San Francisco Ballet, and covered over twenty student performing arts groups. I enjoyed transcribing the Russian Mazurka Quadrille in Feuillet notation and, of course, actually dancing the Russian Mazurka Quadrille.
I twice proposed dance visualization as my PhD thesis topic, but couldn't secure the necessary department approvals. Alas, in the latter years of my seven years of marriage to research, I became too busy to continue with dancing or photography.
M is for Mazurka
Vintage Dance and the Academy of Danse Libre
Chocolate Heads
Contemporary Dance with Aleta Hayes
Jump Start
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Love Stories and Fun Times
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Site-Specific Concerts and Special Performances
Student Groups
Over 20 Dance Troupes and Theatre Companies
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San Francisco Ballet Trainees
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